Mom, thanks for seeing me.

As many of you all know, I moved! I now reside in Greenville, SC and with all moves there are adjustments. I know this well, as I’ve moved a good bit. I got my own loft apartment and it’s lovely in every way. My mom is living with me and getting a feel for the city. She has been really supportive of me as I make this space home.

One of the hardest parts about moving, which I knew would come, is leaving my friends behind. My best friend, my sisters, my “mom” friends, my married friends, all the people. And it was especially hard to leave my single friends behind, I worked hard to cultivate friendships with my single friends. Oftentimes, these were friends from different “groups” or even phases of life. But individually I’d kept up with them and we would meet up to hang out and talk life and dreams and everything else in between. I knew I would be giving that up. And I know “you’ll make new friends” is true but that takes time and intentionality to cultivate.

My mom and I have been exploring the city and learning more about Greenville. Today, I was tired and in a “food coma” from the locally made pasta I ate, it was delicious.

She walks in and told me she has a surprise for me.

She hands me a flower and says “I know people will be focused on all the mothers tomorrow, I wanted to say happy Mother’s Day to you as you’ve been motherly to your nephew and other children. You’ll be a mom one day too”. Cue the water works and the tears from a deep place, often left untouched. She gave me my favorite snack and a plant for my new hanging pot, all in effort to say, I know you’re hearts desires and I see you. You can never underestimate the power of kindness.

So to all the aunties, god-mommy’s, sisters, friends, etc. I see you. You’re valued and loved. May you know just how important you are on a day where some celebrate and many mourn. There’s a place for you too.

Mom, on a weekend that’s supposed to be all about you, thank you for seeing me. Happy (early) mother’s day to the realest mom a girl could ask for.

Author: FaitthB

I am a Travel Blogger, Social Worker, Activist, Creative, Social Media Strategist and Director of Women's Empowerment for Legacy Collective. I am always on a plane traveling, ready for my next adventure.

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