Mom, your heart beats in mine.

Dear Mom-

As I get older I realize how much I’ve taken your love for granted.

Late nights.

Endless phone calls.







You’ve seen every beautiful part of my soul. And you’ve walked with me through every valley.

The good book says, where can I go and you’re not there.  I know this scripture was referring to God but somehow it feels as if it was referencing you. I carry your heart. I am the living representation of you. I am your legacy. Fully Faitth with two t’s but full of characteristics, genetic similarities, and boldness like you. I am your daughter.

I’ve spent years being embarrassed of your loud laugh and quirky personality.

Little did I know that in the years to come,  I would desire to be like you.

You are uniquely, you. Unbothered and Unmoved by the opinions of others. A force to be recorded with. A beautiful and courageous black woman. The essence of class and grace. The wind beneath my wings and the one who brings my soul joy. You are air and life itself. Without your breath to fill my lungs, I struggle to speak.

You see me.

Unfortunately, I haven’t always seen you. Your sacrifice. Your love. The tears shed privately when I hurt your feelings. The pain you too feel, when I am heartbroken because now your heart is broken too.

Your heart is in mine and mine in yours.

You are a treasure to behold and a woman I hope to be like one day.

You invested your life into mine and the fruit from my life is a fulfillment the tapestry you knit on my heart.

I’ve been convincing you to take spontaneous adventures with me since I was 11. As we go on yet another adventure to celebrate 27 years of my feet touching this earth, I am humbled you let me bring you to Paris with me. The city of love with my mother, the one who taught me all about sacrificial and generous love.



Author: FaitthB

I am a Travel Blogger, Social Worker, Activist, Creative, Social Media Strategist and Director of Women's Empowerment for Legacy Collective. I am always on a plane traveling, ready for my next adventure.

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