Beating 9-5

Some days I feel like I am racing against the clock. What can I accomplish before my day is over and I have to go to bed and get ready for work all over again. Will I hang out with friends this week, stay to myself, or will I break out of my routine and do something different.

I used to think I was stuck. I was trapped in the adulting grind of life. Then I realized that I wasn’t stuck and working caused me to be stable financially so I could travel when I wanted to. There are bills to pay, things to get done, and accomplishing your dreams takes work. No one said life would be easy but life can (should) be enjoyed and filled with spontaneity. I love surprises and making decisions last minute to break out of my normal routine. I know this is not for everyone but lets face it, everyone wants a break from the normal. If we aren’t careful, we can find ourselves caught in complacency.

There is no formula to beating 9-5 but remember that your happiness is not contingent upon your job, your relationship status, or recognition from others. Welcome adventure into your life. Go to a lake house or cabin for a weekend, visit your friends you haven’t seen in a while, have a weekend of silence to yourself, hop on a plane a visit somewhere fun for the weekend. The options are endless and you get to choose your next adventure.

You determine your own happiness. You determine to show up and enjoy life. You decide to beat 9-5 and don’t apologize for embracing change and adventure because I promise you, everyone else wishes they were beating 9-5 too.

Happy Adventuring,


Faitth B