Sisters be good to your brothers….

Growing up, my brother always told me how good life was without me. He had it made. But then I came along and changed everything. He was only 2 1/2 years older than me but he would always tell me about how he taught me everything I know, and I believed him. If you asked him who raised me, he would say, “I did. That’s my baby.” You see, he would tell me, “I changed your diapers, I taught you how to walk, and talk.” My parents never grew tired or jealous that we thought we learned how to navigate life with just one another. They wanted us to depend on each other. Snitching was not allowed. We had to solve our own conflicts. Respecting my brother and his position as the oldest was a rule. My mom would say, “You follow your brothers leadership, do you understand? Because if he is wrong, I will deal with him later but you need to obey him.” My parents always set my brother up to learn how to be a confident leader. They knew if he could confidently lead his sister, he would more confidently lead his wife one day.

In college, I was ragging my brother about something and he said a statement that changed my life. “Faitth, stop talking to me like I’m a little boy. I’m a man. That’s disrespectful.” He taught me so much about respecting a man, a man’s heart, and servant leadership.

On September 25th, my brother got married. He has a wife who will count on his leadership. I’m pretty sure, he is confident in his position as head of the household.

I have a lot to thank my parents for but the greatest gift they gave me was my older brother. They helped mold the friendship of a lifetime. I’m forever grateful for that.

Myron, you are a great man and husband.

Sisters be good to your brothers because one day they will be someone’s husband. You want that woman to know she is with a man who knows how to love and treat a woman right.