Bring on the new year…..


I would be lying if I told you I am sad the year is almost over…2014 was a hellish year. It had so me great highs but it was full of lows. In spite of all that, it turned out to be the year for me to learn to move when God says move and to let go of things/people who were holding me back. Change is not easy and let me tell you, the change has not been EASY for me at all, but I find so much joy in knowing that I am following the path that God has laid out for me. Trust me there were many moments where I did not follow his path for me and life was hard. Learning to follow his lead no matter how crazy I may look or feel, has been the best decision ever. I have far more peace following his lead, than I did when I was doing my own thing. Needless to say, I am expecting great things in 2015.

(Slight Topic Change)

Although this new year is going to be crazy busy, I am excited about it. So excited that I bought an Erin Condren Life Planner. This planner was recommended to me by my best friend Jenna, she has never led me astray therefore I took the plunge and decided to invest in it. Yes, I said invest because its $50+ and for me that is pricy for a planner, however, my life is very busy and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, so I expect to be forever grateful for that planner. I am convinced this planner will help me get my crap together. I cannot be lazy anymore. This year I was skimming by but that won’t cut it this year.

I am also planning to attempt (emphasis on attempt) to begin eating according to the paleo diet. Send prayers up to heaven for me now. I’ve fallen off my work out and eating regimen that I started this year and I cannot let myself go (I refuse), I worked really hard this year and I also threw away all my size 10 pants which means no turning back. I will keep you all posted on my progress, in fact, ask me about it when you see me, that way I have accountability.

On top of getting my fitness in order, I am decided to begin grad school again for the 3rd time. This time I am sucking it up and finishing. No more of this start/stop stuff. I have to finish this time. Now, I am hoping the planner helps me to stay organized because being a case manager and student is nuts but I love the children and I love my job. I’ll have to sacrifice watching my favorite show for a lecture but it will be worth it (at least that is what I am telling myself). So between work, grad school, church work, a start-up non-profit, maintaining relationships with family and friends, I have my hands full but I am so excited about it.

Look people, life isn’t perfect and sometimes we go through rough seasons and it feels like we won’t get out of this fog, but we will. If you had a bad year, kiss it goodbye, and welcome the New Year with open arms and determine to show up. Just decide that this year will be better in spite of the pain from last year; you choose to make it better. I know in 2015, people will get promotions on the job, graduate from high school and college, move, get married, travel, have kids, etc. There is a lot to look forward to! It’s time to get to work and let go of laziness. Kiss laziness goodbye and choose to be a grown up and get your life together (Obviously, I am talking to myself here). Decide to work hard because in order to be successful you have to work for it.

2015 is going to be awesome people, expect it.

We got this.


Author: FaitthB

I am a Travel Blogger, Social Worker, Activist, Creative, Social Media Strategist and Director of Women's Empowerment for Legacy Collective. I am always on a plane traveling, ready for my next adventure.

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