Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Several of you asked me about how I meal plan so I decided to blog about it. I have always loved the idea of meal planning but when I really began to look closely at my finances, I realized that I spent far too much money eating out. So in order to be a better stewart of my money, I decided meal planning was the best way to stay healthy and keep more money in my pocket.

I love to follow recipes so of course I have looked at Pinterest for some meal ideas. I have learned what types of food I really love and I try to find meals including those foods.
So last week I cooked talapia (which I am trying to stay away from since they are bottom feeders) and veggies with brown rice
Large kale salads
Turkey and potato Casserole with veggies
Baked chicken wings with kale salad
Spaghetti squash with chicken sausage
Spaghetti squash with garlic and spinach
Spaghetti squash with Tomato sauce
Chicken sausage with wheat pita bread

I expected these meals to last me about 20 days and so far, I still have about 5 meals left excluding my kale (I have two bags left!). I have saved so much money. Not only that, it has been easier to prepare my lunch for work and not give into the temptation of spending my money at one of the resturants in the hospital.

1. Find meals you would like to prepare and build your grocery list according to the ingredients needed.
2. Find a day to cook your meals, I would say expect to spend 2 1/2-3 hours preparing your meals.
3. Freeze your meals. Try to leave meals for 3 days in the refrigeratior and then freeze the rest (besides any salads of course).

Preparing my meals has helped me maintain a healthier diet. I really needed discipline and consitency in my daily diet. I was often eating junky food or sweets with the idea that I would “do better” next week. Doing better next week often turned into next year and the year after that. After, gaining 23 pounds since college, I knew something had to change and it would start with me. Now I am on the journey to a healthier life and taking care of my body by working out and making healthier choices.

If you all would like to see some of the recipes I have found then let me know and I will post the links.